A Few Words From the Riflesmith

I started machining in high school in 1988, and attended college in Torrington, Wyoming, for welding. Then, I headed to Wahpeton, North Dakota, to learn machine tool technology. I started by rebuilding my own shot-out varmit rigs and other people's that I shot with. I wanted a custom look, so I started fluting my barrels. Several people liked them, so I started my own business - and thus began Twisted Barrel.

About My Products

Why should I be your next riflesmith? What do I do that others don't or don't offer? I build my rifles to bench rest specifications, flute barrels on a CNC mill, Flute Bolts, and build my muzzle breaks on a CNC. I have tried different muzzle breaks and find that my break produces less repercussion, or displacement of air. The type of fluting I do is different than most people do. I believe that fluting does not affect the accuracy of a rifle. I started tefloning rifles because I liked the finish and needed a different way of finishing chrome molly barrels and other gun parts and in addition it makes action work much smoother.