?     What is your turn around time?

A     Bolt + Barrel fluting, skeleton bolt handles, installing tactical bolt knobs:  1-2 weeks.

Custom built rifles run 4-6 weeks after all custom parts arrive at my shop.



?     What kind of bolts do you flute?

A    About any push feed type bolt (savage, remington, tikka, winchester….etc)  I don’t flute mauser-style extractor bolts.



    How long a barrel can you flute?

A    26″ barrel on an action, 30″ barreled action on a remington, 34″ barrel blank.



   Do I need to send the whole rifle to you?

A   If you want the barrel fluted the barrelled action will be good.  If you want the bolt fluted, all I will need is the bolt.



?    Do you make barrels?

A   Nope.  I can order a barrel  in and flute it or you can send your barrel in to be fluted.



?    Do you have fluted Bolts + Barrels?

A   Nope.  I flute customer supplied bolts + barrels.



? What type of payments do you accept?

A Cash, Checks, PayPal, Money Orders, and for Credit Cards please call 307.797.0257.

Please use the printable order form (PDF) to complete your orders.