For  bolt and barrel fluting, skeletonizing bolt handles, and installing tactical bolt knobs our lead time is between 1-2 weeks after receipt of your bolt or barrel.

Custom built rifles run 4-6 weeks after all custom parts arrive at our shop.

We can flute just about any push feed type bolt (savage, remington, tikka, winchester….etc)  we don’t flute mauser-style extractor bolts.

26″ barrel on an action, 30″ barreled action on a remington, 34″ barrel blank.

 If you want the barrel fluted, sending us the barreled action will be good.  If you only want the bolt fluted, or the bolt knob converted for our tactical bolt knobs, all we need is the bolt sent to us.

No.  We custom flute bolts and barrels supplied by our customers.

If you are looking for a barrel supplier please contact us.  We would be happy to tell you who we use and recommend!

Sorta.  We do carry a limited inventory of Remington bolts and custom barrel blanks (Hart and Wilson).  We normally have .17, .22, 6.5mm, 7mm, .300 caliber blanks in various contours (3,4,5,6,LV).  Call us for your specific needs!

Our primary service is fluting customer supplied bolts and barrels.

Cash, Checks, PayPal, Money Orders, and Credit Cards.

Let’s face it, the fastest turn arounds come with cash.  There will be a minimum $5 convince charge for all credit card orders.